Like all good stories, Suspended Solutions started in the trash. Literally.

Our co-founder Jerome was working in a landfill by day. At night, like most of people, he would surf the web out of boredom. One night he stumbled upon something called Ormus. That night he dreamt about it, and when he woke up the next morning he knew he had to figure out how to make it. So he did, and eventually gave a batch to our other co-founder, Greg. He (eventually) tried it. The rest, as they say, was history.

 Since then, people have been using Ormus to heighten consciousness, process trauma, and improve the mind-body connection. Our customers report Ormus gives them natural energy, elevates meditation, and improves sleep.

Three years and tens of thousands of happy customers later, Suspended Solutions is proud to bring you the absolute best Ormus and spiritually-based Holistic supplements on the market.

We spare no expense in the processing and manufacturing of our products. Everything we ship is powerfully enhanced and programmed by the healing intentions of our Certified Reiki Master.

We’ve put our hearts and souls into this company, because Ormus has changed our lives. Give us the chance to change yours.


Tanya Winfield
Jerome Martin, III
Gregory Harris