About Bio-Charged Silver Hydrosol

What is it?

Bio-charged Silver hydrosol is our very own tonic crafted for immune support. Our in-house Reiki Master programs each bottle with powerful healing intentions. At 10ppm, It is the safest dosage of Silver for human consumption per the EPA. This small particle size combined with healing intentions make BCHS a very potent immune support formula. For more information on our method of energetic programming, visit our page titled “Memory of Water.

The Science Behind Our Silver

Iconic (particles under 1 nanometer) silver is a positively charged, incomplete particle that is missing an electron. When ionic silver / silver hydrosol is taken orally on a regular basis, the immune system is boosted with a microscopic defense system. Microorganisms vibrate at a very high frequency and their most important goal is to replicate. These single cell organisms build up in high concentrations which cause disfunction and illness. When positively charged ionic silver encounters bacteria, an exchange of electrons occurs. The incomplete silver particle steals an electron from the microorganism. The microorganism which is now incomplete will die shortly after.

Ionic Silver VS Colloidal Silver

Science has known for quite some time that Silver Ions, which flow from nanoparticles, kill bacteria. The Nanoparticles themselves are non-lethal too microorganisms. Also, particles larger than 3 nanometers cannot be excreted by the body which can cause Silver toxicity. Silver Ions have been shown to be effective in concentrations of up to 15 Parts Per Billion. Our Bio-Charged Silver Hydrosol is 10 Parts Per Million which is much more concentrated. This translates into HIGHLY EFFECTIVE immune support.

Conventional Colloidal Silver products on the market are ineffective for immune support. Complete silver molecules form clusters in order to “complete” themselves. A complete cluster will not participate in Ion exchange which means that it will not attack bacteria and viruses.

Experts Weigh in on Silver Ions and Their Anti-Microbial Properties

The antimicrobial properties of silver are due to the silver ion…”  — Romans, I.B. 1954. Oligodynamic metals. In Antiseptics, Disinfectants, Fungicides, and Chemical and Physical Sterilization. Philadelphia, Lea & Febiger, 388-428.

“To be bactericidal, the silver must be available as a solution, and the efficacy of the solution is dependent on the concentration of silver ions present in the solution…silver is effective against a broad range of antibiotic-resistant organisms, which is expected because silver has been regularly found to be effective against antibiotic-resistant organisms”. — Wright, J. Barry, Lam, Kan, and Burrell, Robert E. 1998. Wound management in an era of increasing bacterial antibiotic resistance: a role for topical silver treatment. American Journal of Infection Control, 26(6), 572-577.

“Silver is a disinfectant for non-spore forming bacteria at concentrations about 1000 times lower than the levels at which it is toxic to mammalian life. …The ionic form of silver is necessary.” — British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Silver, Environmental Protection Department, February 19, 1996

All silver-based antimicrobials act against bacteria through the action of silver ions (Ag+). The effect of silver ions against microorganisms is well established and is referred to as the oligodynamic effect. Silver ions interact with bacteria cells through 3 mechanisms:

  1. Damage cell membrane
  2. Displace Ca2+ and Zn2+ ions
  3. Interact with sulphur, oxygen or nitrogen

Silver ions are active against a broad range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Unique qualities of silver ions are: Low risk for bacteria resistance, effective in very low concentrations, no human toxicity” . — Dr. Murray J. Height, Ph.D, Chief Technology Officer, HeiQ Materials, Silver Nanotechnology Working Group